Valerie Haskell Night Is Falling Polaroid

Valerie and her family have just moved from New York City to a tiny mill town in Maine called Jonah’s Harbor. She’s usually the peacemaker of the family and is trying to make the best of this less than ideal situation. Val hopes she fits in better here than she did at her last school but the recent vivid dreams she’s been having point to a more sinister future for her and her new friends.

Jessie McKimmon Coming Soon Polaroid

Joshua is a good kid, but he has a quick temper and a history of getting in fights. In fact, he seriously injured a fellow student in a scrap at his last school in New York, and it got him expelled. He’s very protective of his little sister, Valerie, but he’d never let her know that, and in doing so, he pushes himself away from her and the rest of his family.

Abe Kincaid Coming Soon Polaroid

Abe is the son of a preacher. His parents moved to Jonah’s Harbor before he and his twin brother Aaron were born. He’s a big Bruce Lee fan and loves the Boston Celtics. Abe is very competitive in sports, but off the field, he keeps mostly to himself. He has a secret crush on a close friend but his shyness has kept him from telling her. All that will change as our story begins.

Joshua Haskell Coming Soon Polaroid

Jessie is the star pitcher on her school’s baseball team. She isn’t afraid of a fight, and always sticks up for her friends. Just don’t get on her bad side. She’s often seen carrying her baseball bat, and word on the street is she’s not afraid to use it. Not many kids dare mess with her. She’s the kind of friend we all wish we could have, although for some reason she feels separate from even her closest friends. All that changes when a new kid moves to town.

Aaron Kincaid Coming Soon Polaroid

Abe's twin brother, Aaron just might be the biggest Elvis Presley fan in Jonah’s Harbor. He’s outgoing, charming and always dresses to impress. His father is a preacher and would be thrilled if one of his sons followed in his footsteps, but Aaron's a little too "rock and roll" for that.

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Levi’s smaller size, and large personality, make him a regular target for the local bullies. He tries to hide how much it bothers him, but his closest friends know his struggle, and do their best to protect him. He'd like to work in law enforcement when he grows up because he wants to protect people the way his friends have protected him. His mom is the harbormaster, a round-the-clock job, so Levi ends up on his own a lot. He has the run of the working waterfront, as long as he stays out of trouble (which he had, until a couple weeks ago.) He’s seen something he shouldn’t have, and has no clue the amount of danger he and his friends are about to face.

Rita Kincaid Coming Soon Polaroid

Little Rita is Abe and Aaron's 6-year-old sister. More times than not, she gets her way. Rita is not afraid to let people know her opinion and sees no reason why she can’t participate in all of her older brothers' "big kid" activities. If only she knew the dangerous plot they were about to embark upon.