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The creative team behind the award-winning supernatural mystery web series "Ragged Isle" have collaborated with freelance artist Alysa Avery to create "Night Is Falling," a ten-issue adventure-horror series about a group of neighborhood kids who join forces to take on an ancient vampire in the summer of 1977.

Brother and sister Valerie and Joshua Haskell are moving from New York City to Jonah's Harbor, Maine, ostensibly because their dad has a new job in the town.  But it's also a chance for a fresh start, as Valerie has been dogged by cruel rumors at their former school, and Joshua has been kicked out for fighting.  In town, they soon meet star pitcher Jessie, her lovestruck pal Abe, Abe's twin brother Aaron (an Elvis fanatic), their nerdy friend Levi, and Abe and Aaron's little sister, Rita.  Operating with a freedom only '70s kids enjoyed, our cast put together the clues to uncover the sinister conspiracy threatening their town. Their investigation leads them to an abandoned nineteenth-century battle fort, where their final confrontation will take place with an ancient bloodthirsty creature, and it’s minions.


"Night Is Falling" takes place in the days leading up to Elvis Presley’s death (on the eve of his scheduled concert in Portland, Maine), and the King's demise hits young Aaron especially hard, setting off the events that lead to our series' explosive climax.


This comic was created for fans of comics like "Sabrina," "Afterlife with Archie," "Monstress," "Lumberjanes," and "Motor Crush," and for people who grew up on movies like "Fright Night," "Lost Boys," "The Goonies," "Monster Squad," "Gremlins," "War Games," and any other '80s classic where it was up to the kids to save the world.


If you'd enjoy a comic with the cinematic pacing of an old-school horror film, atmospheric visuals, and starring a cast of characters you care about, we invite you to join our growing fanbase, climb in the coffin with us, and invest in the world of Night Is Falling.

Who's Making This Thing???


Alysa Avery



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Alysa is a freelance artist from southern Maine. She most recently worked on Cauldron: Bubble and Boil, and has been featured on the web series Critical Role and JourneyQuest season 4. She has loved all things spooky since she was a child. Night Is Falling will be her very first comic book and she is so excited to be working on this project. In her free time she plays copious amounts of D&D, watches all the horror movies, and does outdoorsy things in the deep woods of Maine.

Greg Tulonen | Writer

Greg Tulonen


Head Writer



Greg is the co-creator of the webcomic Actual Conversations With My Sons, head writer of the web series Ragged Isle, co-writer of the web series The Kid Who Loved Indiana Jones, and writer of the short thriller film On a Country Road. He lives in Auburn, Maine with his wife Kate and their two sons.

Karen L. Dodd | Co-Creator

Karen L. Dodd




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Karen has directed, 

produced & edited award-winning films, web series and marketing videos on her own and alongside her husband Barry with their company Harbor Hill Media, LLC. Her recent credits include co-creating the hit web series Ragged Isle and producing the horror film

On A Country Road starring Sharon Smyth Lentz from TV's Dark Shadows and Kip Weeks from The Strangers.

Barry Dodd | Co-Creator

Barry Dodd




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Barry is equal parts dreamer and doer. With over 20 years of professional video production 

experience, he has won multiple awards for his creative projects which include the supernatural thriller series Ragged Isle and the horror film On A Country Road.  

He and his wife Karen live in Gorham with the coolest kitties around.

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