Meet the voices behind our characters! 

Swetha Palaniappan


Valerie Haskell

Swetha is a rising senior at Cape Elizabeth High School. She is known for using her voice a lot, whether it’s on stage for theater, arguing in debate or mock trial, singing in her shower or for Karnatic music, talking about her scientific research or raising her hand in class. She was born in New York, but has lived in Maine for the past 14 years. This is her first time being a part of a project like this and she couldn’t be more excited.

Macgregor Francis


Joshua Haskell

Macgregor is a rising Senior at Cape Elizabeth High School,  He plays baseball, basketball, track, and is a casual skier.  He's a Yankees fan, and is relatively new to acting but is having a great time.  He is very excited to be part of Night Is Falling. 

Kat Callahan


Jessie McKimmon

Kat Callahan is a junior at Cape Elizabeth High School. She is involved in her school’s theatre program, but this is her first ever attempt at a project like this! She hopes that you’re excited as she is about Night Is Falling! In her free time, she likes to draw, watch movies, hang out with friends, play softball, and walk her dog Hope.

Jackson Harris


Abe & Aaron Kincaid

Jackson started acting in high school, and has been in the theater production each year.  He also plays varsity basketball and lacrosse.  Jackson likes the combination of theater and sports, and thinks that it is somewhat unique.


Jackson says: "My official career started with an ad for a banking company at El Rayo in Scarborough. I’ve been known to talk too much when with friends but in the ad, there was no dialogue for me. I do love public speaking and I play around with rapping in my basement. Last summer I got to see Travis Scott in Boston.  My friend and I were so close we could feel the flames from the fire shooting up on the stage."

Darby Difillipis


Levi Agana

Darby is a young actor who has performed in many plays across his six years at the Children’s Museum and Theatre of Maine. In 2018, he began acting for commercials and television shows. In 2020, he started his voice acting career by voicing in various amateur projects. Darby lives in Portland, Maine where he attends Baxter Academy.

Kathryn Perry


Kay Haskell

Kathryn Perry is a New York-based actor and writer best known for her work as Alison Thorne on Ragged Isle, for which she won a Favorite Actress award from We Love Soaps. Theatre credits include Ducdame Ensemble, Portland Stage, New York International Fringe Fest, and Mad Horse Theatre. Her fiction and non-fiction have appeared in the Boston Phoenix, Portland Magazine, The Christian Science Monitor, and elsewhere.

Greg Tulonen


Rod Haskell

Primarily a writer, Greg Tulonen writes novels and screenplays, short stories and comic books, web series and audio dramas, and an occasional play. He dabbles in acting, performing in some of his own projects, including the mystery-suspense web series Ragged Isle and the serialized audio drama Restless Shores.

Michael Taylor Gray


Mr. Tyre

Michael Taylor Gray is a multi-faceted existential bon vivant who masterfully transitions, transforms and shapeshifts from stage to television to film to web series and now into the audio drama otherworld of "Night Is Falling" . This endeavor fulfills his 21st Century creative desire to join forces with the artistic mastermind known in this realm as "Barry Dodd." MTG is also a proud card carrying member of AARP.

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